200 for TWENTYin20

They did it!

Another of our teams have taken on a Well Being Challenge for their contribution to TWENTYin20!

They set out to walk or run 200 miles each in 20 weeks and smashed the target out the park. The team recorded 5882 miles which is 126% more than they aimed for.

Well done to Simon (1015 miles) and Ben (814 miles) who significantly raised the teams average. As a team, they clocked up an average of 23.9miles per week which was over double the requirement.

Getting your steps in is a great way of improving wellbeing and just walking 10 miles a week carries the following benefits: –

  • It’s good cardio
  • Low impact
  • Good to clear your head and improve mental wellbeing
  • Helps with weight loss and control
  • Can be done anywhere at anytime



MA Blood Drive

As part of our ongoing TWENTYin20 initiative we are volunteering for Martin Arnold’s first ever blood drive as a Well Being & Physical Challenge.

We have around 20 members of staff going along on 5th July to give a unit of blood, which is approximately 1/9th of their Blood supply to help save lives. Giving Blood is an amazing Gift that really makes a difference, helping in life threatening situations every day.


The NHS need over 6,000 people to Give Blood every day to meet the demands of planned operations and emergency situations. Please visit Blood.co.uk to find out more.

lbs for £’s

Martin Arnold Ltd are three weeks into our two-month Well Being Challenge; Pounds for £’s, and some of the MA team are clearly taking this mighty seriously – the tempting biscuits and sugary snacks are being ignored in the break-out areas! This is a first, and fabulous to see!

Monday evening river runs/jogs are going exceptionally well. Each week a little further is run than the previous week. Some staff, who aren’t able to run, have shamed us all by walking double the distance the joggers have run! The weather has been kind – it’s been chilly but sunny, refreshing and invigorating.

We’re welcoming all staff to join in and take part throughout and hopefully beyond the two-month Well Being Challenge. Running is not everyone’s thing, but a brisk walk feels great, is very good for you AND it’ll raise money for charity in the process – so it’s a win/win!!

Some staff are being a lot more mindful as to what they are eating for lunch and have made some excellent changes. Such as capers in salads and swapping French dressing for freshly squeezed lemon juice and black pepper for a fat free, healthier option.

Over a stone and a half has now been shed collectively and it has been a great team-building, enjoyable exercise thus far, with everyone swapping tips and encouraging each other to get involved. The chitter-chatter around the office has been fun – especially with Roger evading his involvement!!

Each mile run and each pound lost in weight equates to Messrs Martin and Arnold totting them up into pounds sterling, doubling them and donating the sum to Martin Arnold’s chosen charity for the first half of this year, the British Heart Foundation.

Mid-May update…

Six weeks into the challenge and the Monday evening walks/runs have proved very popular indeed. People haven’t been quite so forthcoming with recording their weight loss (or gain – perhaps we should blame Easter!!) Collectively we have lost over one and a half stone.

BUT … the weather has been so incredibly gorgeous along the Thames path for all involved on a Monday, that we have been racking up the mileage which equates to our Directors having to dig even deeper into their pockets for our chosen charity for this six-month period – The British Heart Foundation.

So far, we have run or walked 100+ miles so Jim and Roger will donate double that in pounds – £200+ which is fantastic. Added with the £42 for the 21 Ibs weight loss, that takes us up to at least £250 and we’re not done yet – still two weeks to go!

Ibs for £’s Final Update

We have had an enormous amount of fun on our Monday evening walks and runs. In fact, they have been so successful that we are forming an ongoing “Monday Active Club” which is just fantastic. This way, we can continue the fun indefinitely.

There have been 20 regular faces that have walked/jogged/crawled over 200 miles over the past 2 months and lost way over 52 lbs (over 3 stone) in weight collectively. We have enjoyed the outdoors, numerous laughs and chats and have found we have more in common than we initially realised.

There really is nothing to lose from being mindful and active and so much to gain. One of our colleagues even joined us on a long Thames Path walk with their three children and a dog – it really is the more, the merrier!

Money Raised: £250.00

Festive Fundraising

As a practice, over the past 3 years we have actively supported a different charity for a 6 month period at a time.  All of the charities are chosen by our staff members through a voting system. For the past 6 months, we have been supporting Cancer Research UK and our Communications Team have arranged a number of fundraising activities.

This Christmas period, we have held a raffle which included prizes ranging from hampers to scarfs to make-up brushes! We also had a Christmas jumper day on Monday 17th December and are nearing the end of our annual Staff pool competition. All of which incurs a participation fee!

Our grand total raised for Cancer Research UK is £550. We are always so pleased with the generosity of our staff and are very proud to make this donation to another great charity.

Pool Comp 2018 (6).JPGPool-Comp-2018-4.jpg

Money Raised: £555.00


WSUP Clothes Bank Donation

Our next challenge for our TWENTYin20 initiative was Community based.

As you may have already read, we have been working alongside and supporting a local homelessness charity based in Woolwich called WSUP.

We decided that, as winter fast approaches and the temperatures drop, it would be a great idea to set up a clothes bank in the office where we welcomed donations of all kinds from our staff.

The collection was open throughout November and December and we received a fantastically large volume of donations including socks, jumpers, coats, blankets, hats, scarfs and gloves.

On Friday 14th December we sorted, folded and boxed up all of the items ready for donation on Tuesday 18th December where WSUP were incredibly grateful.

This comes as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released an official report on homeless deaths. There are numerous statistics and articles to be read but just as a headline:

According to the most recent figures, there are around 4,800 people sleeping rough in England.


According to the Office of National Statistics, almost 600 homeless people died across England and Wales last year.

This is a national crisis, but we feel that giving time and donations can go a long way in helping those in need.

We will be running more initiatives, like the clothes bank, throughout the coming year and we look forward to building a relationship with WSUP.

Clothes-Bank-2018-7-Small.jpgClothes Bank 2018 (15)



Firefighters Memorial Trust

To get in the festive spirit, one of our lovely employees worked with a friend to create some mini Christmas stockings. Each with individual designs in an array of bright colours and finished with tinsel trim!

They were sold in the office one afternoon, with all proceeds going to the Firefighters Memorial Trust.

The Trust exists to recognise the commitment and dedication of all United Kingdom Firefighters, (and those serving in designated British Overseas Territories), particularly those who have died as a result of their duties, serving the community.

Over £153 was raised from this simple exercise and, as promised as part of our TWENTYin20 initiative, Martin Arnold will be matching the amount raised which means £308 will be donated to the trust.



Money Raised: £308.00

New York City Marathon

To kick our TWENTYin20 initiative off in some style, our first Physical Challenge: On 4th November 2018, our Chairman Jim Martin will be running in the New York City Marathon to raise money for Greenwich Starting Blocks, a registered charity dedicated to funding young people to help them achieve their Olympic dreams. Jim was a founding member of the charity’s board in 2007 and has spent 11 years working to help young athletes represent their countries at the Olympics.

If you would like to sponsor Jim please visit the following link:


He did it!
50,000 bright-eyed and bushy tailed runners – and Jim – bounded across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on a sunny Sunday morning in New York City for the start of the NYC Marathon! Sometime later, those road-weary and rather bedraggled runners crossed the finish line in Central Park after 26.2 miles of fantastic sightseeing through the 5 Boroughs.

Jim is exhausted but delighted that he made the trip and ran the largest marathon in the world, albeit at a rather measured pace, achieving a time of 5 hours and 2 minutes!

Jim’s sponsored charity is Greenwich Starting Blocks. We are delighted to report that the sponsored amount is growing steadily and we are confident that we will be able to donate more that £5,000 to Greenwich Starting Blocks!


Jim has had an ice bath, is still wearing his medal and is now off for a giant bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder and a slice of New York Cheesecake, of epic proportions!

nyc mARATHON 2018..
Jim proudly wearing his medal!
NYC Marathon 2018
Jim crossing the Varrazano-Narrows Bridge at mile two


Money Raised: £ 5,102.40


The Initiative Begins

Thanks for joining us!

As we enter our 20th year of business, the Directors of Martin Arnold have decided to launch a year-long initiative called TWENTYin20. We are setting ourselves a series of challenges to celebrate 20 years in business. Central to the initiative is to donate a minimum of £20,000 to charity.

In addition to our 20th year celebrations, and to build on our success in winning Best Employer’s Agent 2018 at the National Housing Awards, we have committed to several challenges that will take our performance as a business to an even higher level. We will be undertaking challenges across many different spectrums, all focused on building the strength of our organisation to further improve the positive impact that we’re determined to have within the industry and our operating environment.
TWENTYin20 Challenges

Physical Challenges
To raise and donate in excess of £20,000 to charity: Our employees are often challenging themselves physically for charity, be it climbing a mountain, running a marathon or cycling across various countries. We participate in various company-led fund raising activities too, such as raffles, cake mornings and Christmas jumper day. Martin Arnold will be match funding all funds raised by our staff members who undertake sponsored activities.

Business Challenges
We will be setting internal company challenges to help achieve our sustained long-term growth; new clients, number of new employees and occupying new strategic office locations to more effectively serve our clients. These challenges will also include achieving enhanced accreditations, compliance and winning more awards!

Skills & Training Challenges
Skills and training challenges will include work placements, trainees trained, graduates recruited, staff becoming qualified in their field of expertise and CPD hours completed  – all designed to continue our investment in our greatest asset – Our People.

Community Challenges
In addition to our financial charitable donations, we will be undertaking community challenges. We are committing to donating our time by serving food at food kitchens, donating to food banks and giving free advice to community organisations. We have recently been working with WSUP, a local homeless charity based in Woolwich, and over the next few years there will be many initiatives we can help them with.

Environmental & Well Being Challenges

We will put in place active measures to encourage less car use, reduce our carbon footprint and increase recycling. We will encourage more cycling, walking and healthy eating. We will start a ‘stop smoking’ initiative and increase awareness of mental health.

Each challenge will be reported on multiple platforms, including here on our new blog and on our website.

We welcome you to share and spread the word about our TWENTYin20 initiative and are looking forward to what the next 12 months has in store!